Residance CHANGE Certificate

Algerian nationals registered at the Consulate General of Algeria in Hungary and the Republic of Slovenia, for at least three (3) years, wishing to return definitively to Algeria, may within the limit of the amount fixed by law, import free of customs duties and taxes.

In accordance with the laws and regulations in force:

  • The vehicle must be new and brought to Algeria within one month.

  • The holder's presence is required during customs clearance formalities.

  • The move must be made within six (06) months from the date of establishment of the JRC.

  • Chancellery fees and taxes depend on the value of the move. Students and trainees benefit from a reduction.


The CCR request is processed within 15 days from the date of submission of the file to the Consular Section of the Embassy.

The conditions for obtaining the CCR:

  • Be over 19 years of age.

  • Be registered in the consulate .

  • Never have benefited from CCR at a diplomatic or consular post, either in his name or in that of the spouse.

  • Proof of an uninterrupted stay of more than three years on the date of submission of the file.


Conditions for the admission of duty-free vehicles:

  • the displacement of the passenger vehicle must be equal to or less than 2000 cm3 for petrol and 2500 cm3 for a diesel vehicle.

  • The total laden weight of the utility vehicle must be equal to or less than 05 tonnes 950 kg.

  • The two (2) wheeled vehicle must be subject to registration (depending on the power).



Boats, sea scooters, zodiacs, quads and are subject to the payment of duties and taxes and to consultation with customs.

The documents to be provided are the following:

  • Consular registration card (original + 2 copies);

  • Valid passport (original + 2 copies);

  • Hungarian - Slovenian identity card or residence permit (original + 2 copies).

  • Proof of address (Utility bills or rent receipt);

  • Vehicle invoice (original + 2 copies);

  • Car Registration (original + 2 copies);

  • Request for new vehicle registration certificate (2 copies);

  • The detailed inventory in 2 copies;

  • Declaration on honour attesting that the interested party has never benefited from a CCR.

  • For employees: work certificate covering the last 3 years or pay slips for the last 3 years (original + 2 copies);

  • For students or interns: certificate for the last 3 years of study or internship (original + 2 copies);

  • For traders: K-bis trade register (original + 2 copies) and certificate of cancellation from the trade register (original + 2 copies);

  • For the unemployed: proof of the last 3 years (unemployment benefits) or certificate of registration with the ANPE (original + 2 copies);

  • For retirees or invalids: proof of resources for the last 3 years and pension or pension title (originals + 2 copies).

Change of residence with transfer of activity or creation of a new activity:

Within the framework of its activities or the creation of an activity other than that exercised abroad, any Algerian national can profit from the right to import without payment, to clear customs in exemption from formalities of the control of the foreign trade and in exemption from duties taxes, materials and equipment intended for the use of the activity previously approved, in accordance with the legislation in force.

In the case of a new authorised activity, materials and equipment must be Band new or refurbished under warranty on the date of import. Hence, goods transport vehicles entering within the framework of an activity duly approved in Algeria must be imported in a brand new condition (trucks, semi-trailers and trailers, concrete mixers, tractor-tractors and special-purpose vehicles).

Required documents :

  • Registration in the commercial register with the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • The approval issued by the Algerian authorities concerned for the exercise, in Algeria, of the activity to be transferred or created.

  • Proof of the actual exercise of an activity abroad during the last three years preceding the transfer date.

  • A certificate declaring on the honour that these materials and equipment admitted in exemption will not be yielded or loaned for three (03) years, without having been previously paid duties and taxes.

  • An application containing the same documents as an ordinary CCR and obeying the same conditions (inventory of materials and equipment).


Maximum allowable value, including vehicle:

- The equivalent in euros of 5,000,000 DA (according to the rate in force) for employees, merchants and retirees.
- The equivalent in euros of 4,000,000 DA (according to the rate in force) for students and trainees.

For any excess of the amounts fixed above, the interested party will be forced to pay an additional tax.