Civil status Record

1 - 12S Birth Certificate.

2- Transcription of Civil Status documents.

3- Certificate of Algerian Nationality.

1- 12S Birth Certificate

12S birth certificate is prepared on the basis of the civil status register. Citizens born in Algeria, registered with our Consular Section can request the 12S birth certificate by sending an email to the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government, at the following address: 


http: //demande12s.interieur.

The 12S are prepared and sent to our diplomatic and consular representation for delivery to those whom requested the document.

The following data is required to submit the request via the website of the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government:

  • name (maiden and marital names for married women).

  • First name (s).

  • Date and place of birth (place / town / province).

  • Number of birth certificate indicated on the birth certificate or on the family record book.

  • Consular registration number.

  • Father or mother registration number for minor children (under 19 years of age).


Citizens born in Hungary and Slovenia whose birth certificates have not been transcribed must imperatively complete the transcription formalities with the service of civil status upon presentation:

  • Two (02) original full copies of the birth certificate (dated less than three months)

  • Family booklet whether Hungarian-Slovenian or Algerian or both.

  • A document attesting the Algerian nationality (passport, national identity card or any other photocopy + original document) of the person concerned or of the father or mother if the transcription concerns a minor child (aged under 19 years).

2- Transcription of Civil Status documents

The transcription consists in registering with the civil status service of the consulate, civil status documents (birth, marriage and death).  The transcription is based on the place of birth, death or marriage and not on the place of residence.

The following documents are required :

  • two (02) full copies of the birth certificate (originals less than three months old).

  • Family booklet.

  • Algerian identity document or nationality certificate or failing this, a full copy of the birth certificate of the father and grandfather born in Algeria (photocopy + original).

  • If it is a minor (his presence is not required), an Algerian identity document from one of the two parents.

  • Consular registration card.

The transcription of the birth certificates of children whose one or both parents have changed their civil status following naturalisation, can only be done on the basis of an order of the court in Algeria . This process is necessary to avoid the incompatibility between the civil status of the child and that of the father or mother born in Algeria and the recourse to justice procedures in matters including the establishment of documents of civil status and succession.

Wedding transcription 

The following documents are required:

  • Two full copies of the marriage certificate (original).

  • Family booklet.

  • Algerian ID.

  • Consular registration card.

3- Certificate of Algerian Nationality

This document is only issued to Citizens registered our Consular Section.

The following documents are required:

  • An Algerian identity document (passport, consular card, or national Algerian identity card).

  • The full copy of the person's birth certificate.

  • The full copy of the birth certificate of the father of the person concerned.

  • The full copy of the birth certificate of the mother of the person concerned if the father is a foreigner.

Important : 

The Nationality Certificate is not to be confused with the document which is ONLY issued by a court in Algeria.


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