Consular registration  is  an  administrative  formality  which concerns Algerians  residing  regularly in Hungary and the Republic of Slovenia. It constitutes a prerequisite to benefit from consular protection and the various services provided by our consular representations. 

The consular registration card is issued free of charge. It is valid for five (5) years; its renewal must be requested. Persons wishing to register for the first time must approach our services.

Minor children (under 19) are registered at the request of the holder of parental authority. In the event of a divorce, it is compulsory to present the divorce decree.

After registration, any change in situation (marital status, address, profession, etc.) must be reported to the Consular Section of the Embassy, providing the corresponding supporting documents. In the event of final return to Algeria, any registered person must request their removal from the registration file.

1- Documents to provide for the first registration:

  • The Algerian passport as well as the photocopies of the first three pages of the passport and the pages where the entry visas on Hungarian - Slovenian territory appear.

  • A certificate of Algerian nationality, the full copy of the birth certificate and that of the father and if the applicant was born abroad , an extract from the birth certificate transcribed at the consulate which covers the place of birth (see section on Civil status: transcriptions), accompanied by full copies of the birth certificates of one of the parents and one of the latter's parents, born in Algeria.

  • The naturalisation decree if the applicant has acquired Algerian nationality.

  • The residence permit or the deposit receipt for its renewal or the Hungarian-Slovenian national identity card, valid and a photocopy.

  • A recent proof of address (less than 3 months old), rent receipt, electricity receipt or any other document and a photocopy.

  • A Certificate on the honour of the landlord + his valid identity document, as well as a recent proof of address, for the people accommodated.

  • Proof of employment: pay slip, certificate of education, pensioner card, or other document, as the case may be, and a photocopy.

  • Four (04) recent identity photos from the same print (format 3.5 x 4.5 cm).

  • The marriage certificate or copy of the family book for married people.

  • The divorce decree (original and a photocopy) for divorced women.


The spouse and minor children born to an Algerian father or an Algerian mother are registered in the alternative.

The spouse must present the same documents listed above and an extract from the marriage certificate.

Documents to provide for minors:

  • If the child was born in Algeria, the full copy of the birth certificate.

  • If the child was born abroad, an extract from his birth certificate transcribed to the consulate which covers the place of birth.

  • A photocopy of the residence permit or the Hungarian-Slovenian national identity card and a photocopy.

  • Two recent passport photos of the same print.



The presence of the father or legal representative is compulsory for the preparation of any document for the benefit of a minor.

2- The documents to be provided for the renewal of the registration card

  • The expired registration card.

  • Proof of residence (valid residence permit or Hungarian - Slovenian national identity card) and a photocopy.

  • A recent proof of address (original + copy).

  • Two (02) recent identity photos, front and same print.



3- Consular re-registration

Re-registration is required for any national who settles again in Hungary and the Republic of Slovenia, after having received a certificate of change of residence (CCR) or following his removal from the registration file on his request. He must present the same documents as those provided for the first registration file.


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The Biometric passport application  file includes the following documents:


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The Biometric National ID card 


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Change of Residence Certificate details