From November 24, 2015 all travelers must have a biometric passport whose validity is now ten (10) years and five (5) years for minors.

The presence of minor children under the age of twelve (12) is not compulsory provided that the photos provided in their files are compliant. However, the Consular Section reserves the right to request their presence in case of need for verification.

Over 12 years old, they must be accompanied by their:

  • Father;

  • Mother: in the event that said minors are of a foreign father, if the mother has paternal authorisation, if she has custody of the children in the event of divorce;

  • From the legal Guardian, failing the presence of the parents.


The Biometric passport application file includes the following documents:

  • The Consular registration card (valid, less than 05 years) Original + copy.

  • The special form duly completed, dated and signed, to  download   (see forms section), +  Appendix  to be completed and signed by the applicant or the legal guardian, for minors.

  • 12 S birth certificate ,  (original + copy).

  • The residence permit or Hungarian - Slovenian card (valid) for bi-nationals (original + copy) .

  • The work certificate for applicants exercising a professional activity.

  • A photocopy of a recent proof of address less than six (06) months old (Electricity bills, rental or property contract).

  • Two (02) recent digital ID photos meeting ICAO standards.

  • Chancellery fees in cash or by bank card (60 euros - 30 euros foe minors).

  • Photocopy of the old passport.



  • Married or divorced women whose mention does not appear on their birth certificates 12 S, must present an extract from a marriage certificate or an extract from a divorce decree duly transcribed by the Algerian services.

  • The applicant's Blood group must be entered in the section devoted to it on the form.

  • Henceforth, biometric passports are individual, consequently, minor children can no longer be carried on their parents' passports.



In accordance with the provisions of law n ° 14-03 of February 24, 2014 relating to travel documents and documents, the passport must be withdrawn by its holder as soon as it is informed of its availability at the Consular Section of the Embassy. 


Any passport not withdrawn by its holder is destroyed six (06) months after the date of notification of its availability at the Consular Section level.