Social service

1- The Legal status of KAFALA

Under the terms of ordinance n ° 05-02 of February 27, 2005 modifying law n ° 84-11 of June 9, 1984 relating to the family code, the legal KAFALA is the commitment to take charge of the education and protection of a minor child, just as a father would for his child. The act established by the judge gives its beneficiary legal guardianship.

Conditions to be entitled to Kafala:

- Registered in the Consular Section.
- Being of Muslim faith.
- To be in a good health.
- To have a proven stable source of income.
- Age limit, 60 years for men and 50 for women.

Documents to provide for the constitution of the request:

  • A motivation letter of the couple applying for Kafala.

  • The couple's birth certificates.

  • A family civil status Booklet.

  • A copy of the Consular registration card of the couple.

  • Criminal records issued by the Hungarian or Slovenian authorities dating back less than three (03) months.

  • Work certificate.

  • Copy of the last three pay slips.

  • Income tax notice for the previous fiscal year.

  • Proof of accommodation (rental contract or rent receipt).

  • Medical certificate for the couple.

2- Body Transfer Authorisation

The authorisation to transfer a body allows the repatriation of the body for the purpose of burial in Algeria of a citizen who died within the competence of our Consular Section and whose identity and Algerian nationality are confirmed.